It is our mission to help companies succeed in delivering high quality products, on time, and with a minimum of resources.


Driven by a passion for creating software JITAB was founded in 2011. We love to develop software and help others be successful and accomplish excellence. We provide expertise in Lean & Agile methodologies as well as in modern object oriented programming languages.

Who we are

Thomas Jacobson

Passionate SAFe Certified Agile Coach

Thomas started developing sofware as a kid on his Apple II back in the early 80:s. He has experience in the software industry from most disciplines in the development lifecycle, including project management, requirements management, architecture, analysis, design and implementation, as well as the process engineering side of software development. He is a certified trainer, Scrum Master, SAFe SA and SAFe Program Consultant and has delivered 100’s of courses and workshops.

Katarina Werkström

Creative Software Developer

Katarina started out studying biology way back in the 90:s, but got hooked on programming when her neighbor lent her a book on Turbo Pascal. Katarina has long experience from the telecom industry as coder, tester and configuration manager. Now works on developing applications for the web and mobile devices. She has a solid base in the C programming language, but her passion is for object oriented languages such as Objective C, Swift and Java, and the scripting languages Pyhton, PHP and javascript.